Mother's death has left me not only the grief, but also wondering where I go from here and now. Although I try to be wise (not always successfully) I don't see myself spending time advocating wisdom as such. That concept is both vague and burdened with stereotypical baggage. Wisdom is one of those ideas best understood through its negation, i.e., folly or stupidity.

For the time being, once I have ploughed through the administration connected with my mother's will and estate, I shall probably carry on with trustworthiness. That will frankly follow Onora O'Neill, but adding special emphasis on truth as a prerequisite for trustworthiness. I guess there is a connection with wisdom here (not 'wiseguy' wisdom!) especially with wise judgement and recognition of reality. But I don't see myself racking my brains to work it out precisely.

One thing remains that might cause confusion for anyone who has looked at other parts of my website (notably Essay 3). I still stand by what I said there about assessing moral judgements according to whether they are 'wise' rather than 'true'. But wise judgement in any field will take truth (and facts) into account; the point is it can go beyond facts for making choices and decisions based on them where choices are available.

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