Broadly speaking, as far as philosophers go I feel most at home with Karl Popper (1902-1994), although he was a philosopher of science rather than of morality (ethics).

But I want to mention a point where I am not comfortable. I probably agree with Popper's contention that science has to keep growing to hold on to its rational and empirical character. The worry I have is there is no guarantee - and never has been - that science's applications with technology will be rational or wise. In major current cases, such as climate change and drug resistant diseases, science is now facing problems of our own making. That is, we need science expanding to overcome problems created by mishandling technology (science applied) in the past.

The riot of conspiracy theories about Covid-19 shold remind us how little trust there is in our knowledge, even in science. (For the arts, trust in knowledge is close to zero.) Scientists face formidable challenges anyway, and the more blunders we make in applying scientific knowledge the greater the challenges will be.

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