Secularists have long claimed that religion is headed for obsolescence. Others retort that man is a worshipping animal and religious decline is confined to declining Europe. Recently the 'new atheists' (who seemed to have little new to say) have gone quiet. But does all this matter?

It is far too early to guess all the long-term effects of the Covid pandemic. But one thing is already clear. Science (backed by Big Money Pharma) is the one thing that stepped up to the challenge. Whatever happens to politics, religion, or culture, science stays with us. That message is reinforced by the darker side of humanity - such as the Chinese researching technically enhanced soldiers, doubtlessly followed by others.

Like everyone else, I am personally drifting further into technology (science applied). More card payments, less cash and cheques, streaming music - not only for myself but also my mother when visits are allowed, courtesy of Spotify Premium and a new smart phone. Even for a midge infestation in my flat I search out more effective methods than my handkerchief box serving as a swat!

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