Claire Foges claims people used to be kept to the moral path by fear of God and hell, but that this is now replaced by the digital 'kompromat'.

Even to the extent that this is true (or was), no institution or social taboo has settled the moral conflicts we have - ranging from slavery in the past to pacifism or patriotism and tax and incentives in the present. Categorical imperatives are still to be found at loggerheads, even when constraints are very different in the 21st century from earlier times. Very roughly, identity has shifted from family to nation or group.

Most contemporary academic opinion would assume such changes follow a 'materialist' (physical) lead, with digital technology the latest manifestation. But will the materialist outlook still hold when our technology can alter our physical makeup as well as our physical environment?

The libertarian says 'no' - we can then have 'free will' to take control of ourselves, including behaviour and morals. The determinist says 'yes' - those of us who can afford it will use the technology to turn their descendants into gods (i.e., pre-programmed slaves).

I suggest it will depend upon political culture which selection is made, including in democracies.

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