Listening to Joe Rogan's podcast (appropriate number # 1914) interviewing Siddharth Kara about child and effectively slave labour in Congo cobalt mines, poses to me - and most in my society - a question. Am I an ironist or a hypocrite?

I listened to the podcast on my smartphone and am posting this comment on my laptop. Both, of course, with cobalt-based batteries. So, I suppse the answer to the question turns on how cynically I can explain that child/slave labour in the Congo produces the raw material for making the products which I then use to learn about child/slave labour in the Congo cobalt mines. A natural response might be to laugh or cry depending how far or close I feel to the bottom of the supply chain. How either would answer the question I leave open. (Hopefully either response avoids postmodern affectation.)

Otherwise, just to say that while I have nothing to add to what Siddharth Kara and Joe Rogan have already said, I may be able to help slightly by posting up this comment for others to read. Of course, I wouldn't even be able to do that if I threw away my computer and phone in disgust.

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