War games and superhero films show that modern technology as such does not take glamour out of images of war - when gritty reality hits the result is likely to be less saleable, but that was always the case. Where drones, and remote control generally (say space weapons remotely controlled), are different is through the distance between warrior and weapon. 

Brian Orend (The Morality of War) has commented on Ignatieff's concerns about the warrior ethos being lost if drones make killing easy. There are two reasons why I personally do not worry about this. First, our actual experience of war with drones in regular use - especially in Ukraine - finds plenty of scope for heroism and courage, amongst soldiers and civilians alike. Second, even if drone technology makes no difference to the varied motivations behind wars, ranging from ideology to plain greed, it certainly takes glamour out on the ground. A drone superhero is hard to imagine! That may actually improve future prospects of a more peaceful world. The more the warrior becomes more like a faceless clerical officer handling data output from his computer, the less of a hero he seems.

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